Pass Life-at-Conception Law NOW!

Life-at-Conception legislation is the solution to the abortion crisis in our state, as it would legislatively END abortion by declaring that all life begins at conception.

As such, an unborn baby’s life would have the same protections under the law as your life does!

Abortionists and those who willfully participate in the murder of an unborn child would face criminal charges, just like someone would if they killed a bank teller in the midst of a bank robbery!

The time for talk and half-measures is over.

None of the bills that have been passed in the last few years have saved a single life, as they were struck down by judges within hours of taking effect.

But the truth is that lawmakers knew that in advance, and pushed these half-measures (knowing they wouldn’t save a single unborn baby) while killing Life-at-Conception legislation (S.F. 259,) because their primary goal is defending their careers, not the unborn.

That’s why your action is so important.

Please use our automated system to email, Tweet, call and leave a video message for your lawmakers, telling them that you expect action on this legislation during the 2020 session!