Pass Life-at-Conception Law NOW!

Life-at-Conception legislation (S.F. 259) would end abortion here in Iowa by declaring that life begins at conception, and that unborn babies are entitled to the same legal protections that you and I enjoy. In other words, those who intentionally murder an unborn baby would face criminal charges just like any other murder suspect would. 

This is how we end abortion in Iowa! 

But this won’t happen if lawmakers in Des Moines continue to reassure us that they are pro-life, but refuse to actually advance the bill. S.F. 259 is currently being locked down in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Sign your petition in support of this legislation today — so that your lawmakers know what you expect of them. 

The time for compromise and half-measures is over, Iowa babies needs the Life-at-Conception Act now! Take action!